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#1     Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:43 pm
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Subject: contest

Hello Tim, i have participate in the contest
I give many many times CQ contest, but i think where are the radio amateurs??
I am a little bit disapointed.
But i am looking for the next time
Thank you for all you did.
#2     Mon Apr 14, 2008 11:47 am
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Hello Cor ,

I have to agree , I hoped for some more activity as well ( 32 QSOs is not much for one weekend ) . But to my knowledge many users of CQ100 never read any article in the forum , i spoke to some hams shortly before the contest and all of them never visit the forum ,they never heard about the contest .

So the problem cannot be turned to Tim , I think he did a very good job and I knew the date of contest already weeks ahead . But many hams use CQ100 for nothing but rag-chewing and contest in normal way would mean nothing but 599 001 etc and to say that clearly to everyone :

this contest was very different to that only point-counting taking place on HF , not so much a contest but i would prefer to name it activity weekend as i had many good and long contacts , longest one in cw up to 1 hour .
May be next time it would be better to use not "contest" but "activity" as many do not like contest at all because of only 599 001 etc . But if people do not show up at the forum , they miss the info anyway . I know from some germans that they never visit the forum because their english is not well trained and so they do not understand much about what is written .

My result out of this :
It was a pleasure to take part in the contest , met many hams for the first time especially in CW and if there will be a next time , then I will try to make it more public in my QSOs already long time before .

73 Uli DG7LAE
#3     Mon Apr 14, 2008 4:37 pm
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Hello Uli and Cor,

I agree many operators never look in this discussion forum, and they never look in their account page.

I just had a new idea:) What if we have one frequency for a news "broadcast". News about Qsonet, common FAQ questions could be broadcast as a looping MP3 or wave file. I could collect MP3 file donations in many languages and add them into the loop. It would be like the CW practice beacons, but a voice broadcast instead.

What do you think? What frequency?

73, Doug
#4     Tue Apr 15, 2008 10:58 am
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Hello Doug ,

a good idea , my suggestion would be to broadcast each language on a seperate frequency because noone will stop for a broadcast in a language he cannot understand .

Again and again I have come across the problem what non-British/American hams have with the high standard of english talks here as most users have English as their native language . Often theydo not to get into that talk to ask a question fearing they cannot follow the comments and after a short time , simply give up . certainly any news broadcast in their language would be of interest .

Frequency should be somewhere on 20 m because that is the band , most users look at most , not closer than 5 k to eachother avoiding freq. already in fix use as 14170,14186,14230,14252,14300,14313 ...,
I noticed some broadcast either on 40 m and on 10 m but wonder if ever someone noted these broadcast , rarely see anyone on these bands .

In other forums members can choose if they want to get a news(letter) in case of interesting announcements . May be a bit too late now for this idea as most do not check the forum nor their account , should have had that idea at the early time of registering .

In any way it is a good idea from you , Doug .

73 Uli
#5     Tue Apr 15, 2008 1:50 pm
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Hi Doug. Maybe you should consider "blocking off" a section of one of the bands and use it as kind of a "broadcast band" or "general coverage band" that would be for RECIEVE ONLY by CQ100 members and used for things like the above ideas mentioned... maybe over time a number of different broadcast of interest to hams could be going on in that section. You could have it showing on the screen that it was a RECIEVE area only.

You could add or delete as you see fit. There could be a frequency for current news about CQ100 as you mentioned above. Is it possible to rebroadcast short wave programs from different parts of the world, etc. etc.???

This might even draw in more users to the CQ100 or keep more of us using it for more than just the casual qso. Sometimes you get tired of listening to CW and people talking and just like to sit back and listen to something else without having to close CQ100 and search out another site.

Maybe with the addition of your "TV" program, you could have a frequency with conintuous pictures running.... maybe an audio book playing with accompanying pictures... just some crazy thoughts.

Something that would keep your users here on your program rather than going to another site.... if it is something that you could make happen here.

I guess this really belongs in different section of the forum... but your suggestions in your post just has me dreaming up things.

I suppose you could even create a new "band" that would be a general coverage for recieve only, but it might make more sense with the amount of users never been too many, to use the top 10 or 20 "slots" at the top end of the 20 meter server and dedicate that to CQ100 General Coverage.

Just some ideas .....maybe not very well thought out... but some ideas never the less.

#6     Tue Apr 15, 2008 2:59 pm
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Subject: Good Idea Doug

That's a great idea Doug. While I had my beacon running on 14.070 with info about the contest, put the same file on in Audio, PSK, CW and RTTY..
A straight AUDIO announcement section would make sense, but like Uli suggested it would be much better if a different frequency was used for each language. If I came across an announcement in, say French, I would just skip over it and not stick around to see if it was going to re-transmit in english, but if people could dial into their native language, or a language they could understand, then it would keep interest.

Great Idea,
Keep up the good work.

Tim (KB3NPH)

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