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#1     Thu Oct 12, 2006 8:49 pm
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Subject: CQ100 coupling to MIXW

Hi every body from Kamel in Algiers

I did try somethink very very interesting.

So i make some experiments with CQ100 coupling to MIXW program. So it is very easy to decode CW on MIXW and transmit on CQ100. You can also tranmit and receive on MIXW if you put CQ100 on VOX mode.
I make also experiment on other mode like RTTY MT63 AMTOR HELL PSK31 etc... and it's working very well even on SSTV. So i suggest you to make some ecxiting and funny experimentation between these two programms you will be very surprise bye the excellent results

73's to all and long live to ham radio

7x2bk Kamel - Honor president of A-R-A Algerien Radio Amateurs
World Golden Antenna 2003 after emergency traffic on earthquake.

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