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Subject: Sound card set up for PSK/CW software

I am reposting these instructions on the forum to bring this topic forward. The PSK/Digital Net continues to meet on Saturdays at 9 AM EST US. The Net takes check ins on 14070 and then QSY's to 14105 for a voice roundtable

Sound card set up for PSK/CW software:

1) Click on the "?" above the S-Meter
This brings up the transciever option menu of the CQ100.

2)Under "audio input" click on the "open mixer button".
You should now see Recording Control with several inputs.

3)Most likely microphone is checked (for use on Voice).

4)Check Stereo Mix. This directs the transmitted audio into
the PSK/CW software.

5)Adjust the vertical slider control on Stereo Mix so that
the S-Meter needle is at about S10 on transmit. You can
transmit a fairly long file and watch the S Meter. My
slider control is close to the bottom. Other ops have report-
ed a similar experience. Do not drive your audio much above S10 on
the CQ100 S-meter. A lower volume is better than a distorted over-
driven signal. The AF Gain control on the CQ100 can be used to tweak
the output level.

6)Remember that if you want to use voice you have to repeat the process
and select microphone


A)In Recording Control panel open Options
B)Then open Properties
The top section of Properties shows your soundcard
Make sure the correct card is selected
C)The middle section shows "Adjust Volume for"
Make sure the Recording button is selected
D)The bottom section: "Show the following volume control"
Here check the Stereo Mix button and any others that you want
Some soundcards do not have Stereo Mix but do have Wave Mix or
Audio Mix which may work.
E)Close the Properties box by clicking OK on the bottom
F)Return to step 4 above to complete the set up.

Finally several on air users reported to me that they do not have
Stereo Mix after going through this procedure. It appears that this
usually occurs in brand name computers couple of years old or older.
Evidently the manufactures stripped out as many features as possible.
My guess is that the newer brand name systems, especially those with
Windows Media Center 2005 OS should have Stereo Mix.
You can purchase a cheap PCI soundcard and probably get the required
drivers that includes the Stereo Mix option.


If all else fails you can place your mike next to a speaker and
use the CQ100 Mic Gain and AF Gain to adjust the sound levels.

de KD9XH

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