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#1     Sun Jul 22, 2007 6:28 pm
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Subject: Doug... testing direct hookup

Hello Doug... I heard you testing the new program with your paddle hooked direct to the serial port.

The first time I heard you it was really screetchy and mostly rasp sounding with little or no tone.

A few moments later was great copy.. you were telling the station you were testing the direct hookup. The tone sounded just like the keyboard keyer on CQ100 EXCEPT every few letters there was a very loud POP or spikey sound. I have heard that sound before when people are using the Hamscope program.... but the pop on yours was very hard and loud. But, other than that occaissional pop, the CW sounded wonderful.

The next time I heard you it was screetchy and raspy again.

So... I don't know if you were doing something different from one time to the next or if it was just happening....

anyway, it sounds like you are getting close. Thanks for the continued effort as I know many of us are anticipating the upgrade for the direct hookup.


rich ae0v
#2     Sun Jul 22, 2007 10:09 pm
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Hi Rich. Thanks for this information. I made a few changes in my sound card hookup when 2 stations reported the bad tone. I have the sound card from one computer feeding the sound card on another computer, so things get rather confusing :)

The recording of my CW played later by Joe HL5KY sounded very good. The local monitor here sounded good in all cases, but I was listening only to the first sound card.

There was an ongoing problem all weekend with breakups and disconnections, so that was maybe causing the occasional popping.

I hope to release the paddle-to-serial port program for beta testing in a few days. I need to write a small manual for it and build a setup.exe. The lag is less than many commercial hardware rigs with built in keyers. I was able to get up to 35 to 40 words per minute without too many errors. The tone is perfect sine generated mathematically on the fly with shaped attack and decay.

I am planning to call the new program "Dahdidah" .

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