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Subject: Windows resizing for digital mode work

I thought I should post this here as well:

If you have need to keep CQ100 on the screen but need desktop real estate for your digital app, then ----

Go here and download Auto Window Manager:

It will let you resize the window a bit. However, it does not resize
proportionately as a window that was designed to do it.
That means that the content of the window does not shrink in the window nicely.

But, if you just want to shrink so its on the desktop and active while
you have MixW or other digi mode program open, then it will work!

Play with the horizontal and/or vertical settings until you get it the
way you want.

For me, I just adjusted vertical setting until I had a thin CQ100
dashboard across the top of my desktop.

Hope that helps until true window resizing is built-in to CQ100.

Oh yes, the program is free but runs a nag screen on startup. It's a
neat little program with lots of capabilities.

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