Topic: PSK31 Notes, Observations and Anomalies (1 replies)
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Subject: PSK31 Notes, Observations and Anomalies

I would like comments on this suggestion please.
It would be useful to have a forum topic like this for each of the digital modes since they all have their own odds and ends, so to speak.
It would maybe be a clearing house for setup proceedures, sound card differences, etc.
I will start with this observation.

#1 The end result of the mike being anywhere in the psk path can result in intermittants because any background sound is seen as noise and can result in errors.

#2 The use of VOX can result in intermittant drop outs unless all levels are set correctly. This will vary with the particular station set up and a number of other conditions.

I dont express myself very well so comments and improvements on the items are most welcome.
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I eliminate background noise by disconnecting the mic when in Psk mode. I never use VOX so I am no help there. Good Luck 73
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