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Subject: Problems with a non-duplex sound card on a laptop anyone?

Greetings fellow CQ100íers,

Anyone having problems using digital modes with a non-duplex sound card on a laptop? :(

This is how I solved my problem with CQ100 and digital mode software.

The ham shack 2nd pc is a laptop running Win2000 SP4 Dell Latitude C610 Laptop CPU 1Gb 250Mb ram. It came with a Crystal WDM sound card which I found out was a non-duplex card. That card worked fine on stand-alone CQ100 with its in-built cw keyer but when I tried to use additional digital mode software, they didnít work.

I took a punt and ordered from HKG via Ebay a C-Media USB 6-channel 5.1 PCI sound card N5IN1 with driver on CD. That solved my problem.

Iíve configured the audio output as the internal Crystal WDM card and the audio input as the C-Media, connecting the lap-top speaker/headphone output socket to the mic-in socket of the C-Media and headphone/speaker to front-out socket of C-media. Now the additional digital mode software triggers the vox of CQ100, no problem. :D
Oh, except for cwtype, canít seem to get that program to send - ok on the main station pc - at least digipan, mmtty, cwget now works in conjunction with CQ100.
To use CQ100 as a stand-alone comms program, just disconnect the lead from headphone socket.

This may not work on your setup, but worth considering if youíre stumped on a solution for digital modes.

Larry VK6CP

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