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#1     Mon Apr 09, 2007 1:24 pm
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Subject: sstv

I am interested in knowing what others are using to work sstv on QsoNet ? Also what the frequency is for sstv on QsoNet. Thanks for the help- Larry, wb5 kyk
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Hello Larry,

14.230 is the SSTV calling frequency here on CQ 100. I understand from more experienced users than myself that the TTT mode in MixW gives the best results. Some information is available by reading the older posts in this subforum.

I have experimented with several modes in Multipsk with only fair success and I am now using InterAce which does not depend on CQ 100.

de Ted KD9XH
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Two of the programs that have been or are being used is MMSSTV and MixW. The freq is around 14.230 as in HF. Most digital modes are being operated in the same locations you find them per the frequency spectrums. You will get all the latest info from the SSTV users on 14.230.

Steve - W0SDG

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