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Subject: How does your CW signal REALLY sound????

"Most" of us are aware that the perfectly sounding CW signal that you hear as you are typing does not sound exactly that same way at the other end to the station receiving you.

We hear the little "blips", "crackles", "broken letters", etc as we copy CW signals but we often forget and think our own signal sounds as perfect to the other station as it does in our own headphones.... but it doesn't.

The tone may be somewhat different. The "conditons" of the internet on any particular day may really be rough on your CW signal by the time it gets to the receiving station OR, on a day with good internet conditions, your CW signal maybe be really great on the other end.

If you want to hear what you really sound like on any given day, use the TEST SERVER in ECHOLINK to record your CW. Some days will be better than others. I do this most every day to check "conditions".

You simply need to have Echolink recording in the test mode and then bring up CQ100 on top and send a test message. When finished, bring Echolink back up and hit your space bar to stop recording. Echolink (the receiving station) will play back your message as it is truly heard on the "other end".

If you use typing programs in addition to CQ100 such as CwType (not CwGet), HamScope or MixW..... you may be surprised at how each of them sounds different on the "other end".... probably more than you may have imagined. Then you can know which one really sends out the best signal for you.

On echolink, if you listen to their voice on the test server .... on a poor "condition" day, you will even notice the echolink voice may be breaking up.... other days it may be really smooth .... your received CW signal will have the same results.

I do this most every day. It's good to know what your signal "REALLY" sounds like on the other end. TRY IT.

Please notice I put the term CONDITIONS in quotes as we all know that internet "condtions" are not the same as the HF condtions. :D :)

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