Topic: For those looking for help with SSTV (1 replies)
#1     Wed Nov 29, 2006 9:30 pm
Kingston, Ontario
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Subject: For those looking for help with SSTV

The interest in SSTV over CQ100 is amazing. More and more people are jumping on 14.230 every night to learn about sending and receiving pictures. While I am no expert on the subject I have been operating HF digital mode communication for many years. I would like to help as many as possible...., if the interest is there, and I'm sure it is, I am proposing a SSTV primer net at some time that would be convenient to most. I am 5 hours behind UTC so keep this in mind. I, and those who offer to help, can step you through the processes involved to get you started in SSTV. Because of the number of people involved I think a net is the best way to do this.

If you would be interested, drop me a line. My e-mail address is available on under my call. Send me an e-mail with particulars about your sound card and try downloading the latest version of MMSSTV (Ver 1.11G). Get a feel for the program, and I will try my best to get you started.

#2     Wed Nov 29, 2006 10:53 pm
Spanaway, WA
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Subject: re: For those looking for help with SSTV

I have posted a message elsewhere, under the major subject of
Interace/ISSTV, with my personal observations and opinions
on the topic of using SSTV on CQ100. I would recommend
reading my post as it may shed some light on some of the
problems that people are having. Thanks!

Best regards,

Gary, K7EK

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