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Subject: slow scan TV

Hello Chaps...still very much enjoying his programme. Tell me, how does one send/receive sstv on here? I've heard others doing it.Does it work ok? What would I need to do it? Is it web cam based or what? Any info appreciated..Bye for now..73.
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Hello DJ
I will share with you my experience in this mode. Myself and several others have experimented in all of the modes available on MixW. This program offers more modes than any other at this time. It has a 15 day trial period and then one must register and pay the $50.00 fee.

On one evening last week, 4 of us ran SSTV from MixW and one using MMSSTV and had reasonable success at receiving some standard photos and alphabeticized transmissions. Some made it others did not. We discovered that you must have a calibrated sound card. This can be done against WWV. There are some glitches and burps in tx and rx. Haven't got all them figured out yet, but seem to be inherent in the internet dropping packets or interupted signals.

Please join us when you see us on 14.230 or thereabouts. It is great fun. I'm sure there are many things to be figured out in this mode yet, but for the time being, it is great fun experimenting.

Nothing like CQ'ing with pictures...


de W0NBP

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