Topic: woot. cracked it.. cwget/type (2 replies)
#1     Fri Nov 17, 2006 6:05 pm
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Subject: woot. cracked it.. cwget/type

:idea: Ok folks.. after almost 3 days, and i would say days as i have had late nights trying to get this to work, and when you have to be at work for 6am it doesnt help :(

any way, i have cracked the problem i had of not getting cw to work on cq100. when i look at the problem and the equation i realise just how dumb i am hihihi..

I have a 5.1 soundcard in my machine. seems i had to use the FRONT speaker line for cq100 and not the rear which i had been using.
The reat will work with some programme's but not with cq get/type.
So the conclusion.. I am now on the air with cw. 1 problem.. I love working cw. but i have never had the chance to learn it on the key, always too the easy way out and used a computer.. anyway, hopefully now i have this running, i will take up an interest again and MAYBE get a chance to learn cw on the key.

anyway, thanks to those who i have chatted to today, m0ayx and to ja5tx. many thanks for your patience while i fiddled with the programme to make it work, especially m0ayx.
again .thankyou.

73's de MI3STV / Steve.
#2     Sat Nov 18, 2006 1:30 pm
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Subject: cw get

Hi Steve. I cannot seem to get cw get to work properly. I am using a Toshiba laptop; sound card lists as realtek ac97. I find it often misses bits of cw,no matter what I do! Can you advise me at all? I have not even tried sending any cw,until I get the rx side of things resolved.I'm not very computer literate,so if youv'e any ideas, please be gentle with me *hi *....regards Des G4OBB
#3     Sat Nov 18, 2006 6:13 pm
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Hi Des. I'll try to help but not sure if my suggestions will take care of your exact troubles as you might be having some other difficulties with CwGet but I will mention a couple things that "may" help to receive cw better when you are using the program. Maybe you already do the following.

1. At the top of the screen either (1) drag the long red line to the center of the biggest audio signal or (2) click on the button called "go to max" and the red line will automatically go to that spot.

2. At the bottom of the screen where it actually shows the cw signals coming across from right to left.... with your mouse, click on the red horizontal line and pull it down so that it is well below the tops of the character spikes coming across the screen. If it is above the tops of the characters, it won't copy anything as it is not sensing or recognizing that there is anything to copy.

I hope that helps a little bit and maybe solves the problem. If not, I'm sure others may have the solution for you.

rich ae0v

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