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#1     Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:17 am
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Subject: use of CW on CQ100

I have been keeping an eye on 14.058 the past week (using CwGet) and keeping track of the number of CW operators. Just after one week close to 30 different operators from 10 different countries.
It would be nice to see how many different ops we have each worked on CQ100. If interest up, maybe even some time of relaxed contest, ie keeping totals over a month or something.
I personally am really glad to see this much interest and use of CW on CQ100. I was on hamsphere for a while, and rarely if ever heard CW. Being in Taiwan without the use of a radio has forced me to look for alternatives and it was great to find CQ100.

Looking forward to working each of you down the log,
Randy, KF4O

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