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Subject: Using a Keyer with Mac on CQ100

For many years, I used a bug, then left the radio hobby. I've always wanted to use a keyer. I purchased a HB iambic keyer on eBay that works on a 9 volt battery and has a speaker and keyer output. I can send into a powered speaker or headset.

On CQ100 I like the keyboard for CW. It's hard to dance around it for numbers and symbols, though. So, I decided to install a keyer. It can be done on the Mac.

First, you must have Windows installed on your Mac through VMWare Fusion, Parallels or Bootcamp so you can run CQ100.

Purchase a Griffin iMic, allowing you to plug in your keyer speaker-out 1/8 " stereo plug into the computer's sound system. Install Audio Hijack Pro on the Mac.

In System Preferences-Sound, select iMic USB Audio System. When you key, you'll see that the input level remains at maximum despite decreasing input gain. If this is too high, adjust the keyer's volume control or use an add-on volume control with it. Open Audio Hijack Pro, select Input as Audio Device and hijack the audio. You'll hear the keyer tones now. You may practice sending with the keyer at this point.

Go back to Wndows, open CQ100 and select PTT-PTL. The keyboard will now be inactive. You will hear tones when keying. You may continue to improve your sending off-air while looking at your transceiver for positive reinforcement. When you are confident to transmit, use your mouse to activate the Transmit light. Key the system and if you see full meter swing and the tones are acceptable, you are on the air on CW. Contact a ham to check for clicks, hum or other distractions.

To return to normal keyboard operation on CW, simply shut off your keyer.

To return to normal phone operation, stop hijacking in Audio Hijack Pro. If using the iMic, return input to Mic. Otherwise use a USB microphone. Be sure it's selected in System Preferences-Sound with the correct audio level. Select the voice mode button on the transceiver.

It sounds more complex to implement than it really is. You must have the Griffin iMic and Audio Hijack Pro to use a keyer with Windows and CQ100 with your Mac.

Happy Keying!
Art, K1LWC

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