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#1     Fri Oct 20, 2006 5:24 pm
Spokane, WA
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Subject: SSTV and CQ100

Recently I have been experimenting with SSTV (slow scan tv) on 14.230.
So far the results have been disappointing but thanks to Jane ZS6JEB, Willy ON5KN and Leon, 9A2KL we made some progress.

The audio stream comes through fine and sounds great, but for a reason yet undetermined the actual decoding of the SSTV leaves much to be desired. It comes across as if there were QRM or a very weak signal.
I have a suspicion that the problem is with the manner in which packets may arrive at different intervals and or latency. But at this point, only a guess.

Anyone interested in experimenting with this, please let me know.
You can find me on 14.230

Bob, W7RJR

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