Topic: Garbled CW on initial keying. (1 replies)
#1     Fri Oct 20, 2006 1:51 pm
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Subject: Garbled CW on initial keying.

When copying stations using the keyboard, I have notice that frequently the 1st or 2nd character usually gets a bit scrambled or sounds like it has some sort of distortion to it. Although my cw sounds perfect when sent via the keyboard, others have told me that they notice the same thing when my first character is sent. After that it settles down and is ok. As I am a touch typist and am usually ahead of the keying buffer, I haven't had any complaints about my CW. Others have told me that for "Non Touch Typists," they get some jerky CW if they key a couple of letters and then stop and again continue. Kinda like a "Hunt & Peck" typist, hi hi.

I do not find this to be a very big problem as I can usually send a BT before I actually send copy. This takes care of the garbled character. Just wondering if others had reported this type of observation?

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I remember writing and testing this source code. It was droping the begining part of the CW as the transmitter CW VOX came on. I solved this by adding a few space characters in front of your typing if the transmitter was just coming on. The current dwell on the CW vox is hard coded. I am already planning to extend the dwell in the next version.

My testing was done broadband to broadband. I should get a dialup modem for some of these tests because dialup needs more delay.

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