Topic: Converting MMSSTV version 1.13A for Internet use (0 replies)
#1     Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:12 am
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Subject: Converting MMSSTV version 1.13A for Internet use

MMSSTV 1.13A download must be converted for Internet use. The procedsure is as follows: Right click on the MMSSTV icon and select "Properties". This will open the "Start Tab" on the MMSSTV Properties window. There on "Target". EXE. file must be changed. At the end of the EXE" file, leave a space and then enter -i. This must be a Lower Case i not a capital I. Click "Apply" and then OK. Close MMSSTV and re-open for change to take effect. When MMSSTV is re-opened it should have your call sign,MMSSTV ver. 1.13A for Internet at the top of MMSSTV GUI. Also the tones should start at 200 Hz. To change back to HF operation remove the -i in Target EXE file.

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