Topic: Using CW to call CQ on 14.200 (2 replies)
#1     Wed Jul 01, 2009 7:25 pm
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Subject: Using CW to call CQ on 14.200


I used CW to call CQ on 14.200 and had boulders thrown at me. I asked the question where does it say in the rules that I cannot use CW on 14.200. The very long frustrating debate resolved that " there is NO specifoc rule to say that you CANNOT use CW on 14.200" but that " a "gentlemens agreement" has been arranged so that CW is ONLY used in the CW bacnds and called CQ in CW is reserved only for 14058. Gentlemens agreement? Who are these gentlemen? Where do I meet them? How do I become a part of the "gentlemans agreement" process? Are these gentlemen a group of clandestine CQ100 users that meet in dark places? CLARIFICATION OF THIS RULE PLEASE? ANYONE ? DOUG ? ANYONE OF THE GENTLEMENS CLUB? A LURKER? ANYONE ? PLEASE? Posted by VK2FEDS- Jason (confused by disorder)
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I don't see anything wrong with using CW on a call frequency. If its legal on HF, it is legal on CQ100. CW is just another language. Its like saying you cannot use Spanish on the call frequency.

If your CW call is not raising any response, it is common courtesy to leave plenty of pause so others can make a voice call and get a voice response. Don't tie up the frequency with an ongoing barrage of CW.

The CW call frequency of 14.058 Mhz might be more productive.

73, Doug
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Subject: Thankyou for your Reply Doug.

Thank you for your reply Doug. I am of the same mindframe. I was CORRECT in my interpretation of the rules. CW IS PERMITTED ON 14200. :D

I understand the point you make regarding tying up 14200 with a barrage of CW. If the person was calling 1 or 2 calls per 120 seconds I really cannot see how that would impinge on anyone using CW or VOICE on 14200.

I understand that 14058 is the CW calling frequency. I also understand that 14200 is the calling frequency. The use of 14200 does NOT EXCLUDE CW.

So hopefully some of the members that threw rocks at me will read this and feel the shame that they should. I appreciate their ignorance.

I am new to CW and I considered cq100 a kind of safe place to practice before throwing myself to the wolves on RF, how mistaken I was.

I called CQ in CW 1 time on 14200 and I had my own Soddom and Gamorrah to deal with.. NOT NICE GUYS... :(

Thank you for the clarification on the rule. I KNEW I WAS RIGHT BEFORE I ASKED THE QUESTION.

Have a great day, happy CW calling to anyone on 14200 or 14058.

73 de VK2FEDS 8)

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