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Subject: For those who cannot read CW

A tip for those , who like myself, have never been able to read CW , but would like to use CW on CQ100. I connect by means of a multiple 3.5 mm adapter , the head phone socket of the controlling speakers of my PC to the line input on the back of my PC. I already use the digital software programe , Hamscope. Hamscope listens to the PC soundcard input, and when you bring up both Hamscope and CQ100,( you must have both up ), and both my CW calls and the other hams reply show on Hamscope recieve. So therefore I can call CW on CQ100 and read my CW and the other stations CW on Hamscope receive panel.
Later on I installed both CQ100 and Hamscope on the Conservatory Laptop which connects to the Internet through a WI - FI card to the main PC via a Netgear WI FI Router, and apart from my Kenwood TH7-E on 2 and 70 cannot TX on the airwaves.
I connected the Audio out to the Audio in with a 3.5mm Cable and brought up both Hamscope and CQ100. I pulled the cable from the out put to hear the tones as I set the CQ speed etc, and then pushed it back in. As I cannot read CQ , I do not need to hear anything. I brought both Hamscope and CQ100 up together and called CQ on the CQ100 Calling Freq., and had several QSOs on CW . If you clear the Hamscope RX panel, you must bring back up CQ100 before you type CW again. Remember to allow Both programmes access via Firewalls and Norton etc. I apoligise if this topic has already been posted and discussed, Regards, Duncan Pettett, GM1BVT

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