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Subject: SSTV-CQ 100

At this time, it appears that MIXW is the best software to use on CQ 100. The main reason being that the audio frequency can be set and locked at 900 hz. This is compatible with the CQ 100 Sound System. Good Image and Color quality can be achieved in TTT mode. A well maintained and tuned up computer is a must. Software and Hardware on the Desktop should consist only of CQ 100, QSO TV and MixW. and it is better to run only one computer when working MixW. A second computer should be unplugged from the router or modem. Internet Explorer and Windows Live Messenger should be closed. MixW is very sensitive to any type of interference. For Vista Sound Card set up visit "VE6MO" web site. Do not make the mistake of changing the Sampling rate. It works perfect in default mode. It is ready to go when you first download it except for the mode settings. For more help or info my e-mail is 73

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