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Subject: RF Link on 29.345

Hi All

I'm having lots of fun on this mode. I have a NoV which allows me to link CQ100/Echolink. The frequency for CQ100 is 29.345 which goes out on RF at 144.825 in Mid Cornwall (IO70NJ). Although the link is only active when I am at home..(licencing conditions) please listen and use if possible. The more it is used the more tempted I may be to apply for a 24/7 licence!
Echolink node number is 66995 and when link is active you will get an echo back on 29.345 CQ100.
Maybe someone could test the DTMF from CQ to Echolink and let me know the results.....
Link is still in test stages and is more frequent on Tues and Thurs subject to work commitments.

Many thanks for reading this post and hope to work you via CQ100

Best 73 Andrew (M1AEG)

PS Doug.. If all is OK could you please add me to the list of RF gateways...Thanks

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