Topic: RF Link to my repeater (10 replies)
#11     Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:05 am
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Subject: Full remote control of my CQ100 remote base radio

I have finally finished designing and building and testing the remote control of my CQ100 radio via my repeater using DTMF tone codes. It is working great. My CQ100 radio is now a frequency agile remote base radio linked to my repeater. Entering my repeater on 447.575 MHz or through any if it's links, I can control all of the functions of my CQ100 remote base. For example while I am hiking with my HT, or mobile with my Jeep radio, I can change frequency, change bands, scan. etc by sending DTMF tones. You can see more info on my repeater system at under my call sign KC7GHT.

Joe Ruby

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