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Subject: RF Links on QsoNet

Starting November 1, 2006 we are asking that all RF links move to the QsoNet 29 MHz band.

Starting April 2007: Live HF nets, including round table Qso's and DX nets may be simulcast on any Qsonet band, providing 1) The licensed operator is in full control. 2) the Qsonet frequency is the same as the RF frequency.

Please feel free to announce your link by posting a new topic below.
Choose a frequency that has not already been claimed.
Be sure to modify your station Info lines on your account page to show its a link.
I will summarize your announcement onto this top one.


29.130 MHz K8YIO link to 147.550 simplex in Columbus Ohio.

29.140 MHz VK2ZLT link to 2 meter gateway in Sydney, Australia.

29.150 JA2WSM link to Eqso

29.175 MHz KB1RXA link to 145.780 MHz covering SW Connecticut (Echolink node 557255)

29.210 MHz WB0BWL link to repeater 145.210 MHz Minneapolis, MN

29.225 MHz 9M6JC link to KARTS Repeater 146.775MHZ 9M4RPG Sabah Borneo Malaysia

29.240 MHz N6CRP link to 2 meters Radio Pinoy Manokis Group.

29.250 MHz W5JMT Link to 145.250 MHz, PL 107.3 White Castle, LA

29.290 MHz KC7GHT link to 447.575 MHz Phoenix AZ (151.4 PL)

29.300 MHz PR8PM link to 146.000 MHz

29.345 MHz M1AEG link to 144.825 MHz Mid Cornwall - part time (Echolink Node 66995 )

29.350 MHz Ei3GAB link to E-QSO (EIRE.NO-IP.INFO room CQ100)

29.500 Mhz to repeater 145.750Mhz PI3HGL (PD7DIG), different times

29.510 MHz G0WYG link to 70.4125 MHz, Bromley Kent, UK.

29.530 MHz KP4PC link to 145.150 MHz Tampa FL (146.2 PL)

29.550 MHz G4OCO Link to 433.375 MHz, Cornwall, UK

29.600 MHz Leave this frequency open

29.610 MHz G3VFP simplex gateway to repeater 145.2125 MHz in UK.

29.620 MHz XE2MCC Mexico Link... more info needed

29.625 MHz 4S7DB gateway to repeater 145.XXX MHz in Srilanka.

29.630 MHz KD7IKZ link to 443.850 MHz (114.8 PL) Spokane, WA

29.635 MHz W7RGW link to 224.400 MHz (114.8 PL) Spokane, WA

29.640 MHz KC9DTO link Chicago to 440 band

29.650 MHz KD7DHC link Fort Carson Military Base Colorado Springs Colorado

29.658 MHz KD5LWU link to 146.790 MHz Cortez, CO. (127.3 PL)

29.660 MHz KI4HPL Spanish Link... more info needed

29.670 MHz WA2WB link with WP4AZT and PW4AZT Puerto Rico

29.680 MHz K4JPE Repeater

29.690 MHz K7EK link to 147.140 MHz Graham, WA. (103.5 PL)
Initial testing at 145.500 simplex

29.695 MHz AD5C link to 2 meters and 440 MHz, Citrus Springs, Florida


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