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Subject: Password Does Not Work

If you receive a message about "Waiting for license picture" , this is not a password problem. Your password is fine. This message means the system is waiting to receive a picture of your license. You can send the image by using the button on your account page.

You can get into your account page by going to and click on "Account". Then click on "Sign In". User Name: is your callsign, not your handle. If your password fails here, then you really DO have a password problem. Use the link that says "Forgot Password".

If your Internet Explorer says Error 401 without asking for your user name and password, your browser security has been set so you cannot log into anything. Here is how to fix your Internet Explorer...
Control Panel> Internet Options> Security> Custom Level> User Authentication (at bottom) > Logon> click Prompt for User Name and Password.

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