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Subject: No Input from microphone

I was running XP on my old computer, and now that I am running VISTA I seem to have no "input" from my microphone. Receive audio is fine, the other station can see my call; but, no audio is being transmitted. Any suggestions?
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N9GE ..... a few days ago I started a thread in the General Discussion section as to how well CQ100 was working with Vista... Doug replied with the following information which MAY be a solution for your "no input from the mic". Below is what he said.

"I heard from a few people that CQ100 works ok in Vista, but you might have to use the vista slider for Mic Gain instead of the provided knob.

Leo Laporte says not to try upgrading existing XP machine to VISTA because you will run into driver troubles. He says a new computer with VISTA is no problem.

I plan to wait another year before I get into VISTA. I got into 95 in 96 and I got into 98 in 99. I forget what year I got into XP but I am perfectly happy with XP.

73 Doug"

Hope that may help you....

rich ae0v
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I have made my mind up that my next machine will be Ubuntu, and my old machines will be XP. I own three genuine XP Professional licenses, and I have the service packs on CD. So XP will live here in one form or another. Vista, in the current manifestation, is not what I want for an OS...maybe later, but not now.

BTW, I really enjoy listening to Leo on his various Podcasts.

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