Topic: Control + Page UP and Page DWN not working (2 replies)
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Subject: Control + Page UP and Page DWN not working

I understand that a voice will announce freq. if Control + Page UP to turn on and Control + Page DWN to turn off feature is used.

I am running CQ100 ver 1.2 Build 201 on a WIN 98 machine that works just fine and on a WIN 2000 Pro machine..

This feature does not work on either machine.. Any suggestions?
#2     Sun Feb 18, 2007 11:17 am
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It requires Microsoft SAPI 5.
#3     Mon Feb 19, 2007 12:19 am
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VE3EFC wrote:
It requires Microsoft SAPI 5.

I have found the solution to the 'No Speech' problem in CQ100. It does require SAPI5 to operate, and this is where I've found it. Worked for me on Win98 and 2000.,saypad,dl.html

Download this program to get speech to work in CQ100 that requires 'SAPI5'. You can cancel the install of 'SayPad' and continue on with the required SAPI-5 part for CQ100 speech. SayPad's text to Speech/MP3, is quite good in itself... and it's free!
Thanks Doug, it fixed my problem and hope it helps others with the voice part.


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