Topic: Loss of audio and Station ID in the evening ie after 1800 (2 replies)
#1     Tue Jan 16, 2007 3:35 pm
Blackburn Aberdeenshire
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Subject: Loss of audio and Station ID in the evening ie after 1800

My problem is that in the evening I loose audio and station identification, the tuning spikes are visible and tuning is OK..The fault seems to appear after using Skype or Yahoo Messenger. The required codec has been checked and is OK..The fault also manifests itself in Echolink where I am unable to get Data. Any ideas anyone please
#2     Tue Jan 16, 2007 3:49 pm
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The problem is that your internet pipe is full. Programs like Skype, Limewire, Kaza, BitTorrent allow other people to use your internet pipe behind your back. Also, some viruses will allow spammers to use your computer to send out thousands of spam emails from your computer.

Some adware and instant messengers use your internet connection to continually download advertisements. This takes up space on your internet pipe.

If you have several computers sharing your internet conection, maybe someone in your house is downloading music while you are trying to use CQ100. Maybe one of your neighbors is using your wireless connection.

If you have a wireless internet, maybe QRM from a TV set or microwave oven is slowing you connection at certain times of the day.

Even if you have a high speed connection, your UPLOAD speed is usually limited much slower than your download speed. If you or someone in your house is uploading, there may not be enough capacity left for VOIP traffic.

Maybe your ISP has sold too many connections in your neighbourhood. When everybody is using the internet in the evening, your entire neighbourhood becomes overloaded.

My cable modem has two green lights, one shows incoming and one shows outgoing traffic. If I suspect something is using my internet, I watch what these lights are doing.

If you Google for "internet speed test" you will find many sites that will perform a free speed test for you, both upload speed and download speed can be tested. Don't use a site if it requires your email address or download of a program.

73 Doug
#3     Tue Mar 27, 2007 4:10 pm
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Subject: No Audio after 18.00 gmt

Yes i get the same problem as G0EMQ,i can use CQ100 all day then 1800 its gone,i am also with Tiscali and converted to the 8mb connection this last week,before on the 2mb it was running fine,i think we need take this up with Tiscali
George G0RME

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