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#1     Wed Sep 20, 2006 3:52 pm
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Subject: Advice about CW Keyer

You can send CW by clicking the Mode button to Keyer then typing on the keyboard. This keyer mode has its own fixed vox dwell set to about 1 second. When I set the CW speed higher than my typing speed, the Vox is always coming on and off which gives me a kind of QRK mode. However, this vox pumping is causing some people to say my signal is breaking up when the keyer speed is fast.

Maybe this CW vox should be adjustable like the voice vox.

Like many old-timers, I don't like typing morse code. I have soldered an audio output jack into my keyer practice oscillator and I connected the practice oscillator into the Line-In of my sound card. To adjust the transmitting level, I click the white question mark and open mixer for audio input. In this mixer, I can select Line-in and I can adjust the level so the S-Meter goes to S9 while the keyer is on. I set the CQ100 mode to VOX, then I can adjust the vox setting to suit my keying speed. There is no mic in this arrangement so only the keyer will trigger the vox.

It is a pleasure to send CW with my Vibraflex paddle :) But the practice oscillator has a rough square wave tone instead of a nice smooth sine wave.
#2     Tue Jan 01, 2008 11:33 pm
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Subject: CW keyer

I use my paddle keyer to switch a good sinewave oscillator which could be fed into the line input jack, I would like to do this but have not found the "mode" button yet so I can go to CW mode. Where is it?

73, Les vk5zw

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