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Subject: Advice About Voice Breakup

QsoNet uses a single, outbound TCP connection just like any home page. QsoNet uses very small internet bandwidth: Approximately 1.8 KB/s = 14.4 kbaud.

First try to determine which side of the conversation has the problem. Usually one station will always have this problem, while other stations only hear the problem when they talk to this particuar station. Don't always assume it is your problem. The problem may be at the other side.

If the voice is breaking up, first be sure the transmitter is not using Vox. Bad Vox setting will sound like a voice breakup. Ask the station to use Push-To-Talk instead of Vox.

Your internet pipe may be too full. If you have Skype, LimeWire, Itunes, BitTorrent or instant messengers running, your internet pipe might be plugged. Try closing these other programs. Especially try closing Skype because it routes other people's voice calls through your computer without your knowlege. If you are downloading music or files while using QsoNet, your internet pipe might be too full. Close these programs completely by right clicking their icon on the system tray at bottom right corner.

Perhaps another computer in your house is busy downloading.

If you use an Internet Accelerator program, it might be busy downloading web pages into your cache. Try closing your browser.

Here is a company that has some nice tools to diagnose where the internet bottleneck and breakup are happening...

Some Antivirus programs and firewalls will inspect every internet packet. If your computer CPU is not fast enough, the antivirus program might be causing the breakup.

If your router does packet inspection, try turning this option off.
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8) Had audio breakup reports .Checked all possible sources per FAQ.After turning off Norton antivirus,firewall,& anti spyware,problem totally disappeared.Computer is a Toshiba P500 Satellite laptop.500 gig hd,6 gb ram,18.4 inch screen,intel core duo cpu.

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