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Subject: Problems with Norton WS-Reputation-1

It appears the latest updates from Norton have black listed our programs and automatically delete them. Norton says they have detected a VIRUS WS.REPUTATION-1 in our products.

Well, it turns out that Norton invented this name for a virus that does not exist. It simply means this program came from a small company.
Most anti-virus programs use some science to detect when a program has a virus. Norton's lazy approach simply tags all "niche market programs" as having an invented virus.

Our programs are digitally signed at great expense. The respectable anti-virus companies place emphasis on our digital signature.

How to work around this problem...

1. Open your Norton Antivirus program.
2. Go to Task > Check Security History.
3. Select the Quarantine from the drop-down menu.
4. You will see the affected file listed in there. Restore it and exclude from future scans. It is all there in the Options.

Norton is risking a class-action lawsuit from small software developers for damaging their reputation and livelihood . They also risk losing their customers who pay them to determine if programs are infected OR NOT. Norton is preying on the fears of unsophisticated computer users by boasting how they were saved from a terrible virus, when there was really no virus at all.

Personally, I would NEVER install a Norton (or McAfee) product on my computers. I pay for ESET NOD32. I also use AVG Free. Many of my friends are happy with Microsoft Security Essentials. I prefer anti-virus only, without the full "security package". The full blown security packages tend to cripple your computer from doing what it was meant to do. Just my opinion.

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