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Subject: packet dropouts

Hello all. During a qso last evening, someone mentioned that there seems to be more "packet dropouts " than a few weeks ago. This does seem true, but they are usually only brief 0.5 -- 1 second maybe. Are they more common now,and if so, why? I use DSL,does it depend on the connection,I mean does the internet have " bad days" or " bad hours " ??I have found that after these brief dropouts, the transmitting station info dissapears from the screen,and it returns to (in my case) G4OBB listening.This can be changed back by briefly switching to another "band" or by altering frequency,then going back,and all is back to normal.Why does this occur?anyone got any answers? I suppose all these ver minor glitches willbe ironed out in due course. Regards to all. Des.
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Hi Des. Yes the internet has good days and bad days. Check at the bottom of QsoNet home page for the current conditions.

The packets dropouts are caused by the quality of the connection between specific users and the QsoNet server. Our server has tons of capacity to handle traffic, so the problem relates to individual users. Its not a system problem.

There is more information and advice here...

We have lots of new users the last few days and some appear to have poor internet connections. We are now accepting Windows 98 users who might be more likely to have a poor connection.

There is one server bug I know of. If a station is actively transmitting and his internet connection is suddenly lost, the system does not receive his key-off command, so he appears as a GHOST station on that channel for as long as 15 or 20 minutes. We would prefer to just live with this problem for now, because if we fix it, the server needs to work harder constantly scanning for this situation. If it becomes commonplace, we will fix it.

We are hearing that some people running ZoneAlarm and other 3rd party firewalls may be suffering random disconnection after a time out period.

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