Topic: Adjusting CW Pitch Via The Keyboard (2 replies)
#1     Fri May 14, 2010 12:15 pm
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Subject: Adjusting CW Pitch Via The Keyboard

I just started using CQ100, and so far it works great, except for one thing. I read in the manual that you can press Alt+Up or Down Arrow to adjust the built-in CW keyer's pitch. However, when I press these keys, the audio volume gets adjusted, as though I were pressing just Up or Down without the Alt key, but Control+Left and Right arrows work fine for adjusting the speed. I tried shutting down my screen reader (I'm a visually impaired user), but that didn't help either. Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue?


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#2     Mon May 17, 2010 5:05 pm
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Subject: Keying pitch adjustments

The instruction may be a little ambiguous. In receive mode. Press up/down key adjusts volume, pressing left/right key adjusts frequency. In transmit mode, Alt up/down adjusts YOUR transmitted pitch. Alt left/right adjusts YOUR keyer speed.
#3     Tue May 18, 2010 11:39 am
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On all my computers, ALT plus arrow keys adjusts CQ100 keyer settings no matter whether I am transmitting or receiving. You must press the ALT key first, then continue to hold it down while pressing the arrow keys. If you want to use the arrow keys built into the number pad, it won't work until you turn NumLock OFF. This is normal Windows behavior.

CQ100 must have the focus (S metter light on) in order to receive keystrokes. If some other program has the focus, CQ100 does not know you are pressing keys. Click on CQ100 to return the focus. This is normal Windows behavior.

If you have turned on any of the special keyboard options under Control Panel> Accessibility Options, your keyboard will not exhibit normal Windows behavior. Be sure StickyKeys is turned off.

Some software programs hook these special keys for their own purpose, so the normal keyboard behavior is forever gone. Sometimes, these programs (EchoLink?) have configuration settings, so you can decide if you want that program to take over certain keys. Sometimes closing these programs will release the keys back to normal. Sometimes uninstalling the offending program will return normal behavior to your keyboard. Sometimes you may need to reinstall Windows to get the normal behavior back. Those fancy mice with lots of strange buttons will mess with your keyboard.

I have run a program to permanently kill my CapsLock key and Windows key (it is a registry change). These two keys cause trouble for me when I accidentally press them with my fat fingers. I NEVER want to use these keys. It seems that Windows Updates are reactivating these two keys. I want to them to stay dead. I will try using crazy glue on these keys.

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