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#1     Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:37 pm
Tucson, AZ
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Subject: Connection Issues

Greetings. For the past two weeks I have not been able to connect to the QsoNet server. CQ100 had worked fine previously, but now it is simply not able to connect. Here are the relevant stats:

1) Problem began two weeks ago through present
2) TraceRoute resolves properly
3) Problem is constant.
4) Account page is able to be accessed while this issue is occurring
5) Internet connection is wired
6) Other computers are running on the network, however none can successfully connect using CQ100
7) AVG, Dropbox, HP Image Monitor, Pidgin
8] 1.32 Mbps down, 0.65 Mbps up via speedtest to Dallas
9] ISP is Qwest, in Tucson, Arizona
10) Windows Firewall is turned off, ports 24980 and 24985 are forwarded through the Qwest modem just in case.

Additionally, when taking my laptop to another location CQ100 is able to connect fine using identical settings. Anyone have any suggestions?
#2     Tue Apr 06, 2010 8:18 am
Altamont, NY
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Subject: Conflicting programs

Ove the last couple of years I have encountered several instances of on and off connections. Some on the RX end and some on the TX end.

In every instance it hyas turned out to be some other program hogging the computer's resources.

This is not to say that ISP issues don't cause these problems, just my experience with them. In particular - email programs that do periodic (time spaced) checks.

Other programs can cause a conflict every few seconds causing stuttering.

Keep us informed of what you find.
#3     Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:29 am
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Jerry KQ4UW has emailed me how he solved the problem. He disabled the hardware firewall built into the Qwest modem and started using the Windows firewall instead.
#4     Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:31 pm
Altamont, NY
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Subject: Good info to know

I use the Windows Firewall here and recommend same to my customers - for different reasons. For once, I think MS got it right with their firewall.

Thanks for sharing thaqt info.

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