Topic: vox problem .radio keyed up and stay on the air. (2 replies)
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Subject: vox problem .radio keyed up and stay on the air.


I have my 2 m connected to 10 m c q 100 using vox.If we using the c q100 on the P.C. thru 2 m repeater, the radio keyed up all the times , then keyed up 3 times.the on the air.I'll try all the settings .no luck at all..I'm using window vista.I read on the forum for help still no luck.Pls, need help. 73's
#2     Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:47 am
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You need to adjust your repeater squelch so it will require a loud voice on CQ100 before the repeater will transmit. Be sure the CQ100 squelch is turned on, so CQ100 is completely silent when nobody is talking.

If someone is sending your repeater audio back to your repeater input via CQ100, this may cause a feedback squeal and the repeater will be locked into transmit until the chain is broken.

Remember to use the timeout setting on the CQ100 configuration.
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Thank you for responding.


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