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Subject: 64 Bit Vista

Many of the new Dell computers are coming with 64 bit Windows Vista. We did some testing on a new Dell Studio 17 notebook computer.

Testing results for CQ100 (Version 2.10 build 277) on Windows Vista 64bit. (SP1) 2009-07-22

1. Installing from unprivileged account.
- Required Admin password.
- "An unidentified program wants access to your computer. - Admin Password - Ok/Cancel."
- Properly installed to 'Program Files (x86)' - required by Vista 64bit for 32bit programs.
- Did NOT install into start menu with the unprivileged account - Q Icon on desktop only.
- Did install properly into the administrator account start menu as expected.

2. Running from unprivileged account.
- Runs properly - No PW required - Start with desktop Q icon.

3. Uninstalling unprivileged:
- Same dialog as #1.
- "Windows needs your permission to continue. - Admin Password - Ok/Cancel."

4. Installing from admin account.
- Installing from an admin account worked - no password needed but did request: "An unidentified program wants access to your computer. - Allow / Cancel."
- Installed for admin start menu. Did not install for other users start menus.

5. Running from admin account.
- Runs properly. Volumes work.
- Uninstall required admin password.

6. Uninstalling from admin account
- Same dialog as #4 - allow / cancel.

7. Testing Record/Playback volume controls (on CQ100).
- AF Gain Works Properly !!
- Mic Gain seems to work - system might be throttling mic.
- We had reports that some sound cards under Vista need to use Vista volume controls instead of CQ100 volume controls.

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