Topic: CQ100 audio dropouts (2 replies)
#1     Sat Nov 29, 2008 9:06 am
Yarrawarrah, Sydney, Australia
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Subject: CQ100 audio dropouts

I installed CQ100 a couple of weeks ago and it was working perfectly. In the last 5 days it takes multiple clicks to get CQ100 up and running and when I do get a connection I hear only bits and pieces of the conversation. I'm running windows vista. I also notice that I drop out on TX as well. I've tried 2 different connection methods and both are suffering this problem. I normally use a wi-fi connection at home and it handles other streaming data with no problems. I also tried connecting on wireless broadband with the same results/problems. I have the "spike" but no details and no audio. When the audio does work then I get the station IDs.

I'm down in VK land. Any suggestions would be appreciated

#2     Sun Nov 30, 2008 12:34 pm
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Hi Mike,

I have have received a few similar reports over the past month. We have done lots of testing and we cannot see any hint of this problem. We and most other's are seeing good solid connections at high speed. It is a mystery why a few people are suddenly having internet disconnections, while others are seeing no problem at all.

Perhaps some firewall, anitivirus or security software has been upgraded, and that is causing problems for people that use that particular software. Perhaps some ISP in the middle has decided to throttle or block traffic to our site. I heard some ISP's were planning to throttle any traffic they can detect as a possible torrent stream. This is related to the political issue of "Net Neutrality".

Anyone having connection problems, please post the details here including the following information...
1) The time and date of the problem.
2) Does TraceRoute to show the problem is at your end, our end or somewhere in the middle.
3) Does the problem happen for a few minutes a day or all day long? When did it start?
4) Are you able to open your account page at during this problem?
5) Are you using wireless or wired internet connection?
6) Are other computers running on your network?
7) What other programs are running on your computer?
8] What results do you see by running to Dallas?
9] Who is your ISP? What is your city?
10) What firewall, antivirus and security software might be running on your computer.

If we collect all this information, there might be some common thread to help help solve this mystery.

73, Doug
#3     Tue Dec 02, 2008 9:18 am
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I heard from one station yesterday who has two computers side by side and one computer is having these strange disconnect problems and the other computer is fine. He said the only difference between the two computers is that one is running the latest update of Microsoft "One Care." I wonder if everyone who is suddenly having disconnects is running One Care???

There are no changes and no problems at our side, so we need to determine what has changed for a few users. For the past two years, the only reports of this problem have come from people who installed Kereo Firewall. Now we have 7 reports in three weeks. Something has changed somewhere, but nothing has changed at our side. If you are one of these people having disconnects, please provide the information requested above.

I am talking ONLY about seeing that scrolling message - "connecting to band server". If you see this message, please provide the information requested.

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