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Starting April 11 a listing will be posted as to standing in Dx countries worked, states worked. This list will be of the top TEN stations. All you need to do is sent me an email listing your a countires and states total ( please note if the total is for state or countries ). and if you have worked all contients . All contacts must be made on CQ100. The contacts do not have to be made on the CQ100 DX/WAS net. We are all hams here, so no qsl is required , please be accurate and honest with your reporting. Your word is enough. Remember these contacts must be made on CQ100 ( no eQso, Echolink, etc ). The dead line for receiving your totals for the first listing is April 10, 24 UTC. The CQ100 DX/WAS net meets DAILY on 14.180 at 0300, 1500 and 2100 UTC. Come and join us, all are welcome. 73 and good dx, Larry K5ZRK

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