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Subject: Virtual City of Melbourne Chapter ten ten

just a note to let people know i am putting info together for a VIRTUAL City of Melbourne Chapter of ten ten.on TEN METERS

This will be like the proper one however since propogation bad,I thought this would be okay,

NOTE though that points accumulated will have nothing to do with official City of Melbourne chapter but will promote ten ten on this mode,

There will be different point systems etc,

OPs will be able to claim Virtual points from other ten ten members,on this mode

Starting from scratch,
Existing City of melbourne members are worth 2 collectable points,
Contact 4 members collect 8 pts,
Existing COM members use their number with V prefix in front of their old COM number.

Non members may get VCOM number from me but must have a Genuine ten ten number issued by ten ten international

I am organising a net time and freq for each night of week.
All non members who obtain a number of VCOM will retain that number without the prefix but will be honorary Basic membership of COM chapter.This number can be used on real 10 meters without V prefix.Points then obtained on ten meters ( real ) can then accumulate.

COM members please let me know callsigns as many people upgraded calls and information out of date,

At present new City of Melbourne chapter point system being organised for True ten meters.

Peter VK3PJB Chapter Head 1010 30230

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