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Subject: Sunday Flex Radio discussion and Ten Tec Net on 20 meters

This is to let folks know that I repeat the Flex Radio Discussion group and Ten Tec Users Net from 20 meters to CQ100 on 14.329, same frequency as the actual net. Since I am the net control of the TT Net, and an active partner in the Flex/SDR Discussion, both on the same frequency and both on Sunday afternoons, placing my receiver audio to CQ100 was a perfect solution to the poor band conditions that we are all facing on the HF bands. This has been working perfectly for the last several weeks, and with Doug's blessing, I will continue with this practice. This is a two way street too.. I can take check-ins from CQ100 and there will be repeated out to HF via my monitored link. Here is the current schedule.

Sunday Afternoonsjavascript:emoticon (':arrow:')

Flex/SDR Discussion on 14.329 starting at 1PM Central time (1800 UTC)

Ten Tec Users Net on 14.329 starting at 4:30 Eastern time

Link from 14.329 CQ100 to HF is managed manually by myself..

Look for anyone that cares to help/participate.

Near Austin, Texas

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