Topic: Repeaters & Retransmitted HF Activity on QsoNet (3 replies)
#1     Sun Jan 14, 2007 5:56 pm
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Subject: Repeaters & Retransmitted HF Activity on QsoNet

Repeater & Retransmitted HF //Jan. 14, 2007 17:50
Activity noted on the following frequencies, dates and times (EST):

G4EQQ - 2M REPEATER DERBY, UK //Jan. 14, 2007 17:38 //3.601 MHZ //VOICE

LINKADO AO ECHOLINK //Jan. 14, 2007 17:41

XE2MCC - GUILLERMO DURANGO, MEXICO //Jan. 14, 2007 17:46 //29.620 MHZ

XE1ENF - ERNESTO MORELIA, MIXICO //Jan. 14, 2007 17:47 //29.660 MHZ
#2     Wed Feb 07, 2007 6:40 am
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Subject: Waterway Radio Cruising Club

The Waterway Radio Cruising Club (WRCC) Net held on RF frequency of 7.268 mHz will, on occasion, be broadcast on CQ100 virtual frequency of 29.268 mHz. Think "UP 22 for CQ". This will occur at 0745 - 0830ish Eastern Time. There will be a beacon up at approx 0700. As it gets going there will be Waterway netters conversing before and after the broadcast.

This project is just in it's infancy and admin and technical details are being worked out.

A burning question may be "Why not on virtual "7.268"; Doug (QSONet POC) has approved the use of 29.268 mHz for the WRCC as he wants HF rebroadcasts on the 29 mHz band and leave the lower bands for ragchewing. I will respect his wishes and, gratiously, thank him for allowing me to do this.

This is supplemental to the "live" net and NOT meant to move the WRCC off the air to CQ100. Many of our cruising community miss listening to the WRCC when they are off their boats due to: Hospitalization, visiting their relatives, and no access to HF radio.

Terry K1LCH
#3     Tue Jul 17, 2007 6:08 am
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Subject: Waterway Radio Cruising Club

CORRECTION to above:

The Waterway Radio and Cruising Club (WRCC) is now being simulcast on 7.268 Mhz on CQ100. This is the actual freq on "real" radio, too, if you would like to tune in at your QTH.

73 de Terry
#4     Thu Mar 25, 2010 9:09 pm
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Subject: question

Since the topic is about RF, will I be able to transmit on CQ 100 if there is actual HF frequencies broadcasting? I am only a Tech. Thanks.

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