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#11     Tue Feb 06, 2007 3:21 am
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Subject: bible study group

Well here's a UK station prepared to comment. G4 CAO you are WRONG..WRONG...WRONG... Surely any reasonable discussion is allowed, long as it's not offensive. I'm not interested in bible study,but it can't be a bad thing. Lets be honest, the authorities are not going to swipe your ham licence because you make a small mistake; you know as well as I do that everthing here is being "wound down" no code requirement, no logbook, etc really believe that joining an interest group that may finish up going througha gateway could result in the loss of you have licence ? Don't think so....73's Des G4OBB
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Hmm ... Interesting comments. As a believer and a Ham for many years, I can tell you without ANY doubt, it is absolutely legal to have Bible studies, prayer groups, or any such meeting you desire. I paticipated in a group when I was Capt. on a Christian ship for three years and never had a question raised. (Just a few hecklers)

Don N7BD
#13     Sun Sep 09, 2007 4:24 pm
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Subject: Bible Study

I'd like to join a Bible Study here.
Please let me know ( what come of it!
#14     Wed Oct 17, 2007 3:47 am
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I don't think G4CAO has ever listened to 3747KHz which has been running for more years than I care to remember. They also have an advert in 'RadCom' every month and a website

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#15     Tue Jun 16, 2009 9:16 am
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American Call sign British Made.
Having been licenced many years I was also informed by the older hams of the day when starting the hobby Politics, Christianity and a few other subjects should be avoided so as not to upset other Hams with differing opionions.
I am against pre arranged group skeds, if you look at the ever growing list it is going to be difficult not to upset a fellow Ham by using HIS or HER frequency.
I am not interested in the Bible and do not need fanatic's to help me, I have my opinions and wish them to be respected.
Allowing Christian groups means also to allow those groups who have differing opinions, Hislam, Budists, Mormons, Non Belivers and the non believer's many splinter groups and all the many other groups that wish a special frequency for their special group, all invited pick a frequency.
Today I and a group of Hams were working on 14.300, we were informed by another operator that this frequency was an arranged meeting point for retired Firemen and could we respect this in future and use another frequency.
Respect must be earned not expected.
As far as I am aware no individual or group can expect the use of a certain spot, approval for this as to be gained from the program owner and published for all to read.
As previously stated I have looked at the list of nets and see it is a growing number must I and all other Hams respect all these and keep away from all these frequencies or just from the one's who are special. oh I forget you are all special it is I and other Hams that have to listen and learn.
May I suggest in future the operators of nets respect that if a frequency is in use the net must find a new spot.
This is showing respect, to all Hams as equals and for the rule, if you are on a frequency first that frequency belongs to the persons there first.
#16     Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:48 pm
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Subject: Bible Study Group

This sounds interesting to me. I am an avid listener of Family Radio on short wave and I also listen to WMCA in New York City. I love being a part of the Shadow Mountain Church services via the internet and streaming video. I currently received an NIV translation Bible from Zondervan and am loving it dearly. Recently I became a child of God and am loving the feeling that the Holy Spirit imparts upon me as it guides me through daily living. I am new in the Church of God and the family of Yoshua/Joshua/Jesus. I read the bible every single day because I need lots of spiritual food/living water. Like Steven and Saul who became Paul, I have a lot of faith and know I will end up in the New Jerusalem when the time comes with the rest of the children of GOD.

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Hi all,

I have no issue with a bible study net as such however I do have concerns that I will express in my final paragraph*. I do agree with KD4QFT though that the number of nets are growing to the extent that it is easy to trample unawares on a 'net frequency'. Traditionally Amateur radio is a first come first served basis, so that if a frequency is in use one simply moves to another one. This is not always proving to be the case on CQ100 however as a possessive element seems to have crept in in some cases.

I still like my suggestion (made in another forum) that scheduled public nets are confined to one band (such as 29m perhaps) therefore ensuring that we all know where everyone is. It didn't receive many responses however.

*My concerns are that if one religious group starts a net then other more extreme religious groups who tend to hijack religion for nefarious purposes may feel the need to compete with nets of their own. It would be hard to justify saying no to an Islaamic Jihad net in these circumstances wouldn't it? It is perhaps this and the immotive and controversial nature of religion which has historically put it into the 'never discuss religion, politics or war in public' catergory.

Mild mannered people of good conscience and intent may often find themselves used as pawns in a bigger game by groups with their own agenda. It's a great shame but such is life alas.


#18     Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:47 pm
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Subject: Anyone interested in starting a Bible Study Net?

This is an old thread but a great idea. I'm interested and willing to help lead it. Let me know if interested here or better yet email be at
#19     Fri Jan 06, 2012 7:11 am
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Subject: Re: Anyone interested in starting a Bible Study Net?

KC8CDM wrote:
This is an old thread but a great idea. I'm interested and willing to help lead it. Let me know if interested here or better yet email be at

Looks like this net never actually started, I think it was just an idea put out there.
I have never heard it over the air.
As far as the old posts about too many nets crowding each other I don't think you have to worry about that at all.
Sadly, as far as I can tell the use of cq100 has declined a lot over the last year since I joined, and there are only a few nets active.
Besides there is plenty of open band width and open frequencies for nets, that is for sure.
If you are interested in leading a bible study net I would say just post when and at what frequency and start it and post the info here.
I will participate if you do.
I honestly don't have time or experience to run it either but would love to take part from time to time.
If you do start it though be aware you probably would not be "helping" to lead it but would be leading it!
Human nature, as you probably well know if you are in a church. People have lots of ideas about how things "aught to be" but very few actually are willing to step up and lead or do anything about it.
That is why I made the comment about not having the time to lead myself. Just being honest. I would like to be involved though.

Maybe I will shoot you an email about it too over the next few days if you don't post anything more here, but I wanted to post to the forum to see if others are still interested too and get this thread active again.


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