Topic: SKED / Nets Calendar at QsoNet_CQ100 YAHOO GROUP (0 replies)
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Subject: SKED / Nets Calendar at QsoNet_CQ100 YAHOO GROUP

*** QST ****

Please be advised that a YAHOO GROUP for QsoNet / CQ100 users and enthusiasts is now in place: - QsoNet_CQ100

This GROUP is not a replacement for QsoNet.Com's Discussion Forum, but rather a venue to discuss the usage and experiences of QsoNet/CQ100 users. For those of you familiar with YAHOO GROUPs, you understand the ease of information distribution and the value of having an online repository of information relevant to QsoNet/CQ100 users.

The GROUP has an active Calendar (Zulu Time) that will display working SKEDS and NETS.

Please join by following the link above and clicking on the "Join this Group" button.

Or, you can send a request to join to

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