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Subject: Additional Show and Tell Group Net Being Added

The Show and Tell 400 (SAT 400) Net will be adding a new net to our schedule. This new net will start Saturday February 5, 2011 at 2000 UTC. The CQ100 frequency is 28.400 MHz.

Our goal is to reach those around the world who are unable to join in during our current net times.

The SAT 400 net is a great way to meet fellow CQ100 users while showing pictures and making contacts with members for awards.

Please check out our website for more information. The website address is:

The SAT 400 net meets on 28.400 MHz at the following times:

Sunday 0200 UTC
Wednesday 0200 UTC
Friday 0200 UTC

and starting February 5th

Saturday 2000 UTC

For more information, please reply to this message. We look forward to YOU joining in with us.

George, NJ3H

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