Topic: 911 Nets on CQ100 (2 replies)
#1     Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:15 pm
Atlanta GA
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Subject: 911 Nets on CQ100

Just wondering if there are any special 9-11 nets scheduled on CQ100?
If so can someone list them here.. Tks
:D [/b]
#2     Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:01 pm
tucson, az
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Subject: EmComm

I would very much like to get an EmComm net started on CQ100. There is on on Echolink that I am also involved in. You and I can set a time and freq and at least get it started. Any thoughts.
#3     Thu Jan 06, 2011 5:34 pm
Toronto Ontario
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Subject: EmComm / ARES / 911 Operation

It would be good to have a EmComm / ARES / 911 section on CQ100. At this early stage, we don't need a scheduled net. We just need to bring together some members here on CQ100 who have some leadership skills and EmComm experience to talk to each other and exchange some ideas.

My suggestion here is that we use 14.140 as the preliminary get together channel. We can expand out from that later as we get to know each other better and develop a national, regional and local channel plan.

I suggest that everyone on CQ100 with an interest in emergency communications, put the word 'EmComm' or 'ARES' into your CQ100 station information box so that it can be seen immediately as you push your P/T on 14.140 or any other channel you use.

Before we start any journey, you have to take that first baby step. Showing your EmComm / ARES ID on CQ100 is your first step. If I see you, I'll call you. If you see me, call me. Dial down to 14.140 and be a part of the CQ100 EmComm / ARES Network.

73 Joe - VE3OV / VE3NCS Toronto ARES Group.

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