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Subject: Net Centralisation

Hi all,

With all the net groups springing up on every band it's becoming too easy to QSY to a frequency that a net runs on, only to find after a few minutes that the net is due to start. I know that there is no such thing as reserved frequencies and that a free frequency is a legitimate one for any QSO to take place.

I do think however that nets should not be run on 20m as this is the most used band for CQ QSO's having the 14.200 calling frequency. Perhaps it would be better for both network groups and CQ callers if all nets were confined to one band? It is certainly unreasonable to have to check what frequencies are in use by net groups before having to QSY ON 20M. Life would be a lot simpler if it were just a matter of avoiding one band.

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You might be right, 40 is usually dead and 15 when I am on 80,20 are active, 29 and 28 once in a while someone there, 20 is very active.

POB/K8LEN :shock:
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Subject: This is a good time to organize the nets

Unique to CQ100 is that all bands work equally well at all times. With that fact in mind, it would make some sense to select one of the less used bands for most net activities.

Notice that I said "most." Some of the nets on CQ100 are related to nets on HF radio, therefore use the same frequency on both. Very understandable and logical.

While CQ100 is relatively young would be a good time to structure net frequencies. However, that said, there is no similar structuring on HF and it works (more or less).

The problem of unknowingly getting on someone's "net frequency" happens on HF all the time. Some times users move, some times nets move. Depends upon the amount of courtesy applied by each.

CQ100 is designed to operate like ham radio on HF. Perhaps things should be left alone and we follow the flow.

Some ops enjoy heavy structure and rules governing their lives - others do not. The latter enjoying life and making their own decisions.

Just a few thoughts for this morning - before someone goes hog wild on "structure." Be careful of what you wish for.

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