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#1     Tue Oct 10, 2006 9:54 pm
Kokomo, Indiana
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Subject: Fail-safe software features

If there are certain operating mistakes that are likely to occur, such as leaving a mic open or operating phone in the CW band, wouldn't it be fairly straightforward to put features in the software to prevent such undesired operation? For example, a user configurable "windbag timer" could be incorporated to limit how long the virtual transmitter can remain keyed before automatically returning to receive mode and turning on a warning indication. I suppose the software could lock out the phone mode when the "radio" is tuned within the CW band and vice-versa. There are probably other fail-safe measures that could be built into the software as well. Just a thought...

John / K9FB
#2     Wed Oct 11, 2006 12:21 pm
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Thanks John for these ideas.

Some people including me are using their paddles to create CW tones into the sound card Line-In plug. These people need access to the voice modes while in the CW bands. It is a honor system not to transmit voice on the CW bands.

I like your idea of Windbag Timer. I have seen many cases of mic and vox left keyed on. Gus had a good idea to always set the mode to QRT when you are not planning to transmit. The Windbag timer might interfere with beacon stations and RF-Link stations, but it can be settable.

I know there is a bug in the server where if a transmitting station gets disconnected from the internet, the server does not receive the Key-Off command, so it continues to show them as still transmitting a carrier for up to 15 minutes. This sounds like a simple fix but its not. We are working on it. Don't blame this station for leaving a mic keyed on.

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