Topic: Who's Logged On NOW??? (11 replies)
#11     Sat Sep 24, 2011 6:57 pm
Louisville, MS, USA
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Subject: Re: No logged on feature wanted

W2BLC wrote:
Just like RF ham radio, you are free to tune about and listen at free will. That is how it should be. To show those logged in would destroy the fine art of sand bagging.

Hi, I'm brand new with this and see that when I'm monitoring, my call sign comes up as listening. I really enjoy listening in, but not being disclosed.

Is it still possible to monitor anonymously?
#12     Sat Sep 24, 2011 8:02 pm
Altamont, NY
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That identifies you to you - in case you forgot your callsign (hihihi). You are still listening unidentified - same as you would on an RF rig.

You are not identified until you press the PTT or send a picture.

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