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Holly Hill, FL
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Subject: Keyer Suggestion

When using the built-in keyer in CQ100 the Backspace key has no effect. When the operator knows that a typing error has occurred and is typing ahead, the backspace key should allow correction of the error.

Creating a mechanism where the typed text could appear on the screen of the CQ100 would be a neat addition that would facilitate error correction (with the backspace key.)

Perhaps the 3 LEDs at the top of the display could be replaced with a scrolling text marquee that reflects what is typed ahead and allows real-time editing of the transmitted text. As the keyer sends each character, a block cursor could indicate where the sending process is at any given moment.

When the mode button is in any other "position" the 3 LEDs would appear as they do now.

Previous suggestions about keyer memories would be convenient but I don't view them as necessities. Having memories in Dahdidah would be a handy and more appropriate addition in my view.

If it is decided to add keyer memories to the CQ100, then I suggest that in Keyer Mode or when Dahdidah is run, CQ100 could display memory buttons to the left of the XMIT light and REC, PLAY, STOP buttons on the right side of the XMIT light. A 4th button to the right might be a "BANK" button allowing the 3 or 4 memory buttons to the left of the XMIT light to allow more memories to be used.

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Frank KB4T

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