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Subject: Unix version of CQ100?

Hi - I just got this software today & I love it! Thanks for making such a great product. We only have one PC running Windows software so for now we all have to share 1 computer to use this great software. There are 3 hams in our family, and sharing works ok, but we do have a couple of other computers running a much more stable OS that is unix based. I'd love it if you someday made a unix port of the software. You could then easily compile it for all of the popular unix versions out there, or allow users to compile themselves. Specifically I like Linux, Solaris, & MacOS X which is based on BSD unix. They all leave Windows in a pile of ruble when you compare stability & reliability.

I don't personally like any version of Microsoft Windows - it crashes too often - blue screen of death is the most popular color. It's basically still the same old DOS with a lot of bailing wire & Duct Tape trying to hold it all together. They just add new features & change the color scheme, then charge for the upgrade, but the blue screen of death has always been the same. :)

Thanks again for such a great program - I am definitely going to buy a subscription!

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