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Subject: Suggested Progam Improvements

Just some suggestions I have been thinking about since getting on CQ100 in February. It is a GREAT program, keep up the good work, Doug & All!
My thoughts for improvements I would like to see are: A way to keep the transceiver active or locked on the screen when I switch to a program like MixW, Digipan, MultiPSK, etc. Sometimes I forget to swich back to the transceiver when operating voice. How about a way to enter a frequency via the keypad instead of twirling the knob or using the clr & right,left keys. I think this would be a great help to the blind and other impaired operators. Sometimes I think it is hard for them (and us) to move off the calling frequency and move to another frequency. It may be a problem but it would be nice to see a few frequency marking on the bottom blue line so we have an idea what frequencies are in use. Sizing the transceiver would also be nice. I use a laptop with a 17 inchscreen so I have plenty of room for the transceiver, software program screen and also I keep the volume control and recording screens open to try and monitor my signal.
As I said, CQ100 is the best thing to come along in a longtime. Especially for us condo people who can't install outside HF antenna. Keep up the good work. 73"s
Dan E. Stauffer K3KGX Voice, PSK31, Olivia and CW :lol:

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